Educating children

Many children drop out of school & start working as their parents can’t afford, Khalid educational pays their school fees.

Teaching life skills

We run programs in various small schools helping children develop essential life skills.

Educational Trips

To open the minds of children and expose them to various career paths, we take them on educational trips.

Sumbul Alladin

              (General secretary)

Board Members


Shanti VS

Gul Saif Khan

Sarala Indugula

Zoya Alladin

Mission Statement

Educate ,encourage and  empower underprivileged children to obtain a college degree, develop essential life skills and ultimately be a self-sufficient citizen of India.


The Dalai Lama said” I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long term happiness to our lives” – Dalai Lama
Being a volunteer and helping these children will not only make them happy but you as well!
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