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With an aim of helping kids from financially backward families, Khalid Educational Society has developed a two-pronged approach. As a first step, we propose to identify and sponsor the education of children who are deserving and come from genuinely poor background. However, we recognise the fact that, simply getting these kids to school might not be sufficient, therefore, we also intend to open a centre where after school classes(“tuitions”) will be held every evening. This will be free of cost for anyone wanting extra help and unable to pay fees to get that help. The Teachers n these Evening classes will primarily be working on a Voluntary basis. However, there would be a few teachers hired on a Permanent Basis too.
Apart from academics, the children will also be taught life skills, art and craft and drama over weekends. Children will be counselled for any emotional or psychological trauma they might be facing due to their social backgrounds as well as career counselling and guidance.