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Khalid Educational society is the brainchild of Sumbul Alladin who is a counseling Psychologist and has an experience of more than ten years counseling students in various well known schools of Hyderabad. A believer in life long learning she keeps abreast with the latest developments in her field by attending talks and seminars and through continuing education programs.
Sumbul also has her private practice where she has worked extensively with clients dealing with depression, stress,anxiety, panic attacks, adolescent issues,social anxiety, self harm, suicidal thoughts, career counseling,family and marital problems.
Sumbul named the NGO after her father Khalid,who she says with his kindness and compassion towards her in childhood and later taught her that kindness is definitely the single most important human quality. She feels its heart breaking to see poverty all around in India and that she knew when she was just a young girl in school that she has to work with underprivileged children and giving them education is the best possible way of empowering them and changing their lives forever.